BROWNE ON THE BALL: Boston United attempting to make the changes to escape their own Groundhog Day

Kabongo Tshimanga.
Kabongo Tshimanga.

You could be forgiven for feeling that Boston United’s defeat at Curzon Ashton had something of a Groundhog Day feel to it.

Because - just like the classic 1993 movie - the Pilgrims have found themselves away from home and stuck in the same loop, repeating again and again and again.

And again.

Heck, there’s even a bloke called Murray in the lead role.

United have picked up just one point from their eight away matches in the National League North so far this term, that being a 1-1 draw at Kidderminster Harriers.

Of the seven defeats, five of them - against Curzon, Tamworth, FC United, Bradford Park Avenue and AFC Telford United - have resulted in the same scoreline, a narrow 2-1 reverse.

Even the nature of those contests has a familiar feel with Boston very much in the running in each of the matches, but finding that second goal to be just one step too far.

On Saturday Kabongo Tshimanga pulled the Pilgrims level in the 54th minute.

Yet another repetition.

Of his nine goals so far this season, all of them have arrived in the second half.

And this weekend’s goal was his fifth to be bagged in that 10-minute period directly after the second 45 minutes had kicked off.

In Groundhog Day, the actions of Bill Murray’s character, weatherman Phil Connors, have no repurcussions.

No matter whether he takes hedonism to a new level or kidnaps a woodchuck and drives off a cliff, he’ll wake up the next morning to I Got You Babe and start all over again and again and again.

And again.

That’s not quite the same for the Pilgrims, who slipped into the drop zone following Saturday’s defeat.

But like most good films, there’s a moral, and proof that good can always come from a bad situation.

The message behind Groundhog Day is that no matter how stuck and awful things feel, they can be fixed.

Frustrated by the same old, same old, Murray (Bill) continues to make changes - sometimes big, sometimes small, sometimes they work, often they don’t - until he hits the correct formula to move onwards.

Murray (Adam) may feel like he is stuck in his own Groundhog Day.

But - as the arrivals of new boys Morgan Penfold and Sam Muggleton, like squad rebuilds before, have shown - he is attempting to make changes, to discover his own winning formula.

Murray, you, I or anyone who has been following the fortunes of the Pilgrims on the road may surely be hoping that the tweaks pay off soon because we certainly don’t want to be reliving this Groundhog Day again and again and again.

And again.