BROWNE ON THE BALL: Boston United missed out on the play-offs... so who should we blame?

Boston United finished sixth in the Skrill North.
Boston United finished sixth in the Skrill North.

So, that’s the Skrill North season over and done with. Boston United failed miserably to get into the play-offs - so who should we blame?

Well, you could start off by sacking manager Dennis Greene, the gaffer nearly always carries the can.

Perhaps the Pilgrims need a whole new front line as their strikers only managed 85 goals in 42 matches, and the division’s third-highest tally is obviously only good enough for sixth.

And what about the defence? If they’d have kept a clean sheet every week then United wouldn’t be in this mess.

But are wholesale changes to the dressing room enough?

Is this club rotten all the way through to the boardroom? Should David Newton, Neil Kempster and Chris Cook do the decent thing and walk now?

After all, the club’s only managed one promotion in their seven years at York Street, and - despite those shiny new Quadrant drawings - they’ve built nothing in the five months since they first announced their plans.

However, before you click off this page in a rage, please be assured that I’m purely lampooning the game’s most challenged supporters, those who insist on playing the blame game.

Sadly, there’s an affliction that many of the world’s more vocal football fans suffer with... a grip on reality.

Following Liverpool’s defeat to Chelsea at the weekend, one ‘supporter’ called talkSPORT to state Brendan Rodgers wasn’t the right man to take the Reds forward.

Newcastle United fans are demanding Alan Pardew join the queue at the Job Centre because his side are only ninth in the Premier League, with the same amount of victories as Southampton, who could be providing two strikers and a left back for England’s World Cup squad.

Some people’s expectations are higher than the Rolling Stones during their most experimental phase.

So yes, with United finishing just outside the top five we could hold an inquest. We could look at that 3-0 lead slipping at home to Harrogate and that missed penalty in the goalless draw against Stockport.

We could point an angry finger to the stat which states Boston gathered just five points away from home against their top 10 rivals.

Or we could just sit back and reflect fondly on a thoroughly entertaining campaign where Pilgrims fans were treated to an improvement of 10 league places, 18 more goals scored, 13 fewer goals conceded, six more victories earned and 23 more points picked up in comparison to last season.

No club - not even your club - has any divine right to glory.

Success is earned, a fact which Guiseley proved by claiming that final play-off spot with a tremendous run which included just one defeat in their final 17 league matches.

The final standings will show Boston fell short - six points short - of a top-five finish.

The league table doesn’t lie, but it doesn’t say that this side gave their supporters hope and excitement right until the last day of the season.

It doesn’t say that more than 300 fans - despite their final-day disappointment - still applauded their team down the tunnel at Aggborough.

But next year, it may say something completely different.

Sport is brilliant, because there’s always next year.