BROWNE ON THE BALL: Despite late leveller, manager Greene remains as cool as ice

Dennis Greene.
Dennis Greene.

The full-time whistle blew on Monday. A last-gasp goal had seen Tamworth scrape a point at the expense of Boston United. Dennis Greene made a bee-line for the away end and the travelling Pilgrims fans.

At times like this, managers are often saluting their steadfast supporters for their loyalty, or having a heated exchange with the dissenting few.

Not Dennis Greene.

Instead, he dropped to his knees as sports therapist Katie Cooper tipped a cool box full of ice-cold water over his head.

To those not in the know the moment could have been something of a metaphor for the Pilgrims’ weekend - as North Ferriby and then Tamworth both dampened United’s Bank Holiday spirits.

Perhaps it was Greene defiantly washing away those past two results in some kind of faux baptism - suggesting that the Pilgrims begin anew.

In reality, it was something a lot less whimsical. He was taking on the ice bucket challenge.

For those of you who have been living on planet Zog, or have been unable to get access to your smart phone this week, the ice bucket challenge is like a video version of a chain letter, in which someone is nominated to have a bucket of ice-cold water tipped over their head.

In doing so, they raise awareness for the ALS Association (Lou Gehrig’s disease) - or now, alternatively, Macmillan Cancer Support - and donate a few quid to the charity before nominating a handful of mates to keep the thing going.

Greene is by no means the first football manager to take on the challenge.

Sam Allardyce and Jose Mourinho are just a couple of the Premier League bigwigs who have also been the victim of this challenge.

But originality doesn’t matter one bit, everyone who takes part does their bit for a good cause.

While both Mourinho and Allardyce took their challenge in front of a few assembled associates, the Boston boss wasn’t afraid to take it like a man in front of his own supporters.

And what cracking timing too.

Following three straight victories in the league, United didn’t have things go their way this weekend.

Despite putting in two performances which were full of character, they were narrowly beaten by Ferriby and had their hopes of victory dashed late on at the Lamb Ground.

But instead of allowing the fans to trundle out of the stadium with heavy hearts, Greene, instead, gave them a good old laugh - something to joke about on the journey home.

Firstly, it was a good act for charity.

Secondly, Greene showed that - despite the past two matches not going to plan - it’s too early to sulk.

He finished what could be seen as a disappointing weekend with a smile, perhaps defiantly showing that he still has every confidence in his young squad - currently fourth in the table - going on to succeed this season.

And in doing so he made sure those sentiments were passed on to the terraces.

United are still on course for their target of two points per game.

As he left the pitch on Monday night Dennis Greene knew he didn’t need to make any changes, except, perhaps, to his sodden clothes.