BROWNE ON THE BALL: Fans deserve better after Boston United’s week to forget

Chris Hall sticks the boot in against Altrincham... but the Pilgrims were below par.
Chris Hall sticks the boot in against Altrincham... but the Pilgrims were below par.

DR LIAM Fox MP. Amelia from X Factor. Manu Tuilagi. Three people who have all had particularly bad weeks.

But the trio should think themselves lucky they’re not Boston United fans. The past few days would have made them gloomier than Victor Meldrew after receiving a particularly large phone bill.

Against Kidsgrove, the Pilgrims were dire.

Against Altrincham they were worse. Ten times worse.

Yes, United have been suffering from ridiculous amount of injuries lately. A sickness bug which has sidelined Chris Hall and Alan White hasn’t helped either.

But that is no excuse.

At every football club there are players sat on the bench or in the stands moaning and muttering to themselves that they should be playing, that they are better than so and so who’s been given the nod.

If you’re one of those players who thinks that, at any level of the game, then your only chance to prove yourself right is when you’re given your chance.

These injuries and illnesses in the Pilgrims squad are giving the fringe players their chances.

And are they taking them? Well, no.

Let’s be brutally honest. Over the past two games, the stand-out players on both occasions have been a 40-year-old manager who has twice retired from the game and a 41-year-old goalkeeper who has made some outstanding saves, but was helped to look exceptional thanks to a lack of decent support.

If you’re a teenager looking to make it in the game, or a 20-something thinking you should be out playing at a higher level, go and prove it.

Jason Lee has stated he doesn’t want to play. He wants to manage, and manage from the sidelines.

But when called upon, he puts heart, soul and guts into the game. So surely someone who is paid well to do exactly that on a Saturday, should be able to do the same.

But no matter how poor United have been lately, those fans who made it all the way to Stoke on Tuesday and Cheshire on Saturday will probably do just the same and head off for Cambridgeshire this weekend.

They put the effort in. They deserve better.

The constituents who voted Liam Fox into Parliament will stand by him, despite a few days out with his best mate.

Fans of Amelia expect her to bounce back and would buy her records if they’re ever released.

English rugby supporters know this isn’t the end of Tuilagi, and they’ll heartily cheer his next storming performance for the country.

In the same way, United fans will stand behind their club through good and bad.

They just deserve some good after some of the performances they’ve shelled out to watch lately.