BROWNE ON THE BALL: From Worcester with Love, Can Boston United do a James Bond and escape the inevitable?

Dr No Chance? Can Greene, Dennis Greene help Boston United pull off the impossible?
Dr No Chance? Can Greene, Dennis Greene help Boston United pull off the impossible?

If you’ve seen the movie Casino Royale then I’m sure you cannot forget the scene where it’s all over for James Bond.

You know the one, it won’t leave your mind quickly. Having defeated Le Chiffre at his high-stakes poker game - and collected his millions in the process - 007’s bleeding-eye adversary goes out for revenge.

He kidnaps MI6’s top agent who is stripped, tied to a wicker chair and flogged in a way no man should ever be.

But when Bond refuses to fold, Le Chiffre pulls out his gun, takes aim and begins to apply pressure to his trigger finger.

Right now, Boston United are James Bond, staring down the barrel of that gun.

They’re a whole three points behind Guiseley and, despite a superior goal difference of eight, there’s only one match to play.

It’s all over for the Pilgrims.

But in our movie something strange happens. Le Chiffre’s past comes back to haunt him in the form of a former business associate who bursts into the room and takes out our villian.

Could Boston United’s dreams be saved by the same serendipity? Could they come back from certain defeat to become the heroes of the piece?

I know I am likening a football season to a film. But let’s not forget real life - especially sport - is regularly stranger than fiction.

Afterall, United are just three points behind Guiseley and there’s still an entire match for both to play. Besides, United have a superior goal difference of eight.

Guiseley have the gun, but can they pull the trigger? Do they have an old foe out gunning for them?

Will the Lions remember the conclusion to the 2009-10 season when their destiny was out of their hands, but they won the UniBond Premier title due to United’s final day jitters at Marine?

Could the shoe finally be on the other foot?

Brian Clough famously said that it only takes a second to score a goal.

And at this stage of the season, that one second may not just lead to a goal, it can change the whole shape of a campaign.

Take Easter Monday’s match for example.

With Telford being held at Solihull and North Ferriby trailing by the single goal at Boston, the Villagers just needed to net once to again grasp their destiny firmly in their own hands.

But, instead, Danny Hone lost his head, and possibly his side the title and instant promotion.

The margins that shape games are tiny at the best of times. Right now they are slimmer than a supermodel in Lent.

Just like James Bond turning a game of poker on its head by being dealt the perfect card, football has a way of shocking us over and over again.

From Ricky Miller grabbing the Pilgrims a draw at Barrow to Sergio Aguero firing Manchester City to the Premier League title, to Teddy Sheringham and Ole Gunnar Solskjaer winning Manchester United the Champions League, we think we’ve seen it all.

But even when all seems lost in this beautiful, crazy, ridiculous game called football, things rarely ever are.

All Boston can do is their best at Worcester. Three points this weekend gives them an outside chance, anything less gives them no chance.

Will United finish Saturday as Dr No Chance or will they live to Die Another Day?

The fat lady may be warming up her vocal chords. But she’s not belting out a classic just yet.