BROWNE ON THE BALL: Hands up who thinks Newsham is Boston United’s player of the year

Marc Newsham.
Marc Newsham.
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Us humans, we just love a vote don’t we?

We prefer the dancing dog to the kid on the drums on Britain’s Got Talent, so we vote.

We know it’s annoying the loud Italian Ken doll from Strictly Come Dancing each time the totally hopeless John Sargeant doesn’t get the boot, so we vote.

We think that dark-haired, dark-suited party leader should team up with that dark-haired, dark-suited party leader to form a coalition because it’s preferable to that dark-haired, dark-suited party leader being in charge, so we vote.

We don’t like the lady who goes through other people’s faeces on television and we want her to stuff her face with kangaroo testicles in the Aussie outback for our amusement, so we vote.

The completely manipulative bunny boiler who can’t stop walking around topless and hopping in the hot tub in the Big Brother house is up for eviction, so the women vote.

These days, for the cost of £1 plus a text at our standard network rate, we can have our say on virtually anything.

Ice skating, singing, TV shows, pop groups, opera stars and sports personalities. You name it, we can vote.

The market’s saturated. The format is getting a bit boring.

But that time has come around for one ballot that I’ve always been interested in - the Boston United Player of the Year award.

You can keep your Leona Lewis, George Sampson, Brian Dowling, Natasha Kaplinksy and the other one from McFly.

There’s just one list of winners which intrigues me.

Distinguished names such as Chris Cook, John McKenna, Paul Bastock, Martin Hardy, Peter Costello, Daryl Clare, Paul Ellender, Alan White and Shaun Pearson prove that Boston’s got talent.

Plus it’s a nice way to guarantee someone in amber and black will be holding up a trophy at the end of the season - no matter where the final league table places them.

But who will it be this season?

For me, there’s only one winner... Marc Newsham.

With two matches left to go he has scored 29 goals and is second in the Blue Square Bet North scorers’ chart.

Not bad for a man in a mid-table side.

Newsham has scored in nine of the Pilgrims’ 14 league victories, and four of their six draws. His goals have helped Boston reap 31of their 48 points.

On top of that, he has also found the net in four cup victories, and remains the only player to have started all of the club’s 48 competitive matches this campaign.

Of course, Newsham hasn’t done it all himself.

He’s needed teammates to put the balls into those dangerous areas.

But his eye for goal and ability to get into the right position is a rare gift that footballers are even born with or they are not.

In a season where too many players - like Boston themselves - have been inconsistent, Newsham has remained a constant.

I believe he deserves this year’s accolade.

And if he lifts it he’ll be the second person to have won it in consecutive seasons (after Shaun Pearson) and only the fifth player to win it twice.

Both of which would be totally deserved.

Do you agree or disagree with me?

Perhaps you think Newsham deserves the Player of the Year title?

Maybe you reckon the likes of Nathan Stainfield, Ben Milnes, Ian Ross, Ben Fairclough, Spencer Weir-Daley or even Steve Spriggs deserve recognition for their endeavours?

Either way, don’t miss out.

Have your say.

Have a vote.