BROWNE ON THE BALL: Hard work will bring long-term benefits to Boston United

Adam Murray offers some tips to Ashley Hemmings.
Adam Murray offers some tips to Ashley Hemmings.

Duncan Browne watched a different game than he was expecting this weekend...

There were goals galore at the Jakemans Stadium on Saturday.

Despite his suspension Gregg Smith got a good run-out. Harry Payne made some cracking saves. And the crowd was appallingly low for a weekend. About seven bothered to watch.

Boston won. Boston lost.

While Saturday 3pm saw teams up and down the country getting stuck in, there was one fixture conspicuous by its absence.

Boston United’s game against Spennymoor never got started, postponed an hour before kick off with the Moors squad stranded on a broken-down bus somewhere near Doncaster.

It sounds like the stuff of stag do nightmares.

The nature of the postponement will - naturally - leave steam coming out of many ears.

There were the usual casualties of a game that didn’t go ahead: fans from both sides who blew cash on petrol and food only to turn around and head home again, the home team who still have players and officials, staff and bills to pay despite their loss of revenue, the caterers who pack up the grub while wondering how many of the cooked burgers they’ll be able to guzzle before it gets a bit too much.

And with anger comes the finger pointing.

Many Boston fans looked the way of the away side and questioned whether a team, carrying a few injuries, could have done more to make it to the Jakemans Stadium.

Adam Murray himself admitted Boston offered to send mini buses to pick the opposition up.

At the end of the day, the match officials decided the game wasn’t happening on this occasion and the doors to the turnstiles were shut.

But in moments of adversity and frustration two types of people emerge.

Those who shrug and accept their fate and those who make the best of what they have.

Instead of packing up and heading home, the Pilgrims got their training kit on and put in a good shift.

Yeah, they get paid for this so it’s the least you can expect.

But it’s not just what you do, it’s how you do it.

The session was intense. The work rate was high.

The willingness and desire to do well was evident.

And if that continues then the fruits of the labour will be there to see sooner rather than later.

Despite the fact that the postponement gave Boston additional time to prepare for Tuesday’s trip to Tamworth, things didn’t pan out the way they wanted at the Lamb Ground.

A 20th-minute red card and penalty decision seeing the Pilgrims playing at an early disadvantage.

But I would argue it’s still better to give it your best and miss out rather than lose without preparing as well as you can.

Murray concedes this division is now tougher than ever.

To beat the best you’ve got to be the best. And that means putting in the work.