BROWNE ON THE BALL: It’s boom or bust, but Boston United won’t change their attacking philosophy

Liam Marrs may have been part of the team which lost at Gloucester, but they didn't go down without a fight.
Liam Marrs may have been part of the team which lost at Gloucester, but they didn't go down without a fight.

Boston United: It’s all or nothing.

If the Pilgrims were at the poker table in Vegas with two sevens and $35,000 on the baize, they’d go all in.

Sunday’s narrow 1-0 defeat at Gloucester summed up everything about this current United team under Dennis Greene.

Yes, they were beaten by a side who began the day 10 places below them in the National League North. And yes, they frustrated as simple chances were squandered.

But they created those chances and left themselves a little loose at the back at times purely because they gambled, believing that going all out for victory was more important than picking up a cautious point in this title run-in.

The Pilgrims are sick of blood, sweat, tears and heartbreak in play-off semi-finals. They’ve had their fill of overhead kicks, penalty kicks and not getting their kicks.

This side is desperate for promotion and recent setbacks have proven that there is only one way to move up the footballing ladder, and that’s by going for broke.

When it comes to promotion to the National League, excess means access and putting safety first could mean finishing off the pace.

Just look at the league table.

Dennis Greene’s side have won 16 matches, as many as any other team in the division right now.

In contrast they’ve been beaten 10 times - more than any other side in the top eight.

In fact, Bradford Park Avenue, way down in 17th spot, have only lost eight times.

But all this goes to show is how close the margins are in the National League North.

Playing not to lose is all well and good, but winning two games and losing three out of six matches could still harvest more points than cautiously going on an unbeaten run which only sees you draw your six games.

Look at Tamworth, they’re in seventh place with just five defeats to their name all season.

But with 12 draws and nine wins they remain outside of the play-offs - for now, at least.

Perhaps things could be different if they shared United’s swashbuckling ethos.

For the Pilgrims, it’s better to go down trying than going through the motions and getting nowhere (we’ve seen enough of that over the years).

Of course, at times this philosophy will come back to haunt you. That stoppage-time defeat at Hednesford came because Boston were so intent on sneaking victory themselves, while Sunday’s loss at Whaddon Road was due to the failure to take chances when they arrived.

The Pilgrims’ attitude may not be for everyone. It may pay off or it may not. But one thing’s for sure - it’s entertaining.

That’s 52 scored and 41 conceded. That’s 93 goals in 29 matches. You may not win them all, but you can’t say you’re bored.