BROWNE ON THE BALL: It’s too early for Boston United fans to get carried away - I swear!

Adam Chapman and Adam Murray.
Adam Chapman and Adam Murray.

Adam Chapman had some harsh words for his Pilgrims teammates, but Duncan Browne believes they were justifiable...

Adam Chapman was heading towards the tunnel when he turned around to offer one final apology.

“I’m sorry for that, I didn’t mean to swear. It’s just, you know,” he said with a pained shrug of the shoulders before joining his teammates for the remainder of an unenjoyable inquest.

The Pilgrims skipper had spent the majority of a four-minute radio interview apologising for an out-of-sorts display which had seen Boston United begin their National League North campaign with a 4-0 drubbing at Southport.

Chapman’s replies were polite and fair.

He admitted the performance was not good enough from anyone out there in a white kit, and that anyone named in the starting XI for Tuesday’s contest against Alfreton should be thankful they’re being given a chance to make amends.

Adam Chapman.

Adam Chapman.

But in the middle of his interview the masked anger couldn’t be contained and a single f-word was allowed to slip out.

The radio interview wasn’t live. It could be edited.

Unfortunately, the Pilgrims’ performance cannot.

Another f-word - frustration - was evident on the face of boss Adam Murray after the game.

He is a manager who prides himself on putting together sides known for being resiliant, tough, hard to beat and downright determined not to concede.

That wasn’t the case at Haig Avenue as his freshly-constructed backline, three of whom cost the club fees to bring in this summer, didn’t perform to the high standards they are trying to set themselves.

The bad news is that the first day of the season ended with the Pilgrims in the bottom three.

The good news was that there is plenty of time to put that right, as was evident during Tuesday night’s 3-1 victory over Alfreton Town.

Individual errors can be learned from and worked on by this predominantly young side, while the hurt that comes from a crushing defeat can be channelled positively in the future.

It’s far from game over.

The last time United won a league title they kicked off their campaign with an appallingly abject 1-0 home defeat to Margate.

York City, Salford City and Kidderminster Harriers were all beaten on home turf on this jaw-dropping opening day.

And despite the annoyance that will come from failing to live up to the hype, those three will all remain among the favourites for the title.

Chapman, one who is never afraid to speak his mind on or off the pitch, will probably turn the air blue again many times this season.

If Boston learn from their mistakes and that language is a rare frustration people will understand.

If it’s in celebration - like in midweek - nobody ever really cares anyway.