BROWNE ON THE BALL: Life’s lovely jubbly right now, but can Den Boy ensure Boston United have a cushty campaign?

Dennis Greene.
Dennis Greene.

“I am Del Boy,” declared Dennis Greene after watching his Boston United side edge past Colwyn Bay on Saturday.

And while the lad from London’s East End may have swapped Hooky Street for York Street, he wasn’t likening himself to the star of Only Fools and Horses because of the nifty deals he has done as Pilgrims manager.

Nope. Instead, Greene was talking fashion.

Although he stopped short of the sovereign rings, flat cap and initialed neck chain - and thankfully he didn’t arrive at the Jakemans Stadium in a backfiring three-wheeler with ‘New York-Paris-Boston’ written on the side - the United boss took to the dug-out in a fetching sheepskin number.

“They fined me £5 for my coat,” Greene admitted when questioned about his dress sense.

“It’s a Del Boy coat. They call it a John Motson coat, but I am Del Boy and this is my coat.”

When he made those comments Greene had a broad smile on his face, and currently he has every right to celebrate with a few Taboo and Lucozades down the Nag’s Head.

Because, right now, everything is lovely jubbly for our Den Boy... his squad are sitting pretty in the Skrill North play-off spots.

Of course, football is a cruel game.

Two or three poor results and you can say ‘bonjour’ to a successful season.

In a league as competitive as the Skrill North, you can plummet quicker than an unscrewed chandelier.

Quite frankly, you can end up looking a right plonker.

But they say clothes maketh the man.

And right now Greene and his Del Boy coat (which wasn’t worn at Gainsborough on Tuesday night, but we are assured will make a return) are a good fit.

Of course, Greene is not the first manager to draw comments from his wardrobe.

Jason Lee looked like he was attempting to integrate into Lincolnshire farming life when stood on the touchline in his quilted Barbour coat.

An that beige mac, black T-shirt and gold crucifix Steve Evans once wore to a pre-season contest at Holbeach United made him look like he’d come straight from carrying out a gangland hit.

But there was something about that sheepskin coat - and Del Boy references - that suited Greene.

The look was pretty cushty!

Now all we need is for the Pilgrims boss to make true the claim: “This time next year Rodney, we’ll be Conference National.”