BROWNE ON THE BALL: Ricky Miller - an apology

Ricky Miller.
Ricky Miller.

Rickey Miller, I owe you an apology.

You probably don’t even know why, but I believe now is the perfect opportunity to let you know how sorry I am.

In this column last year I wrote a piece suggesting that football fans shouldn’t be so sentimental.

In the same way that I’m regularly told that today’s newspapers are tomorrow’s chip wrappers (and threats of legal action), I stated that those people in amber and black may be heroes today, but can swiftly be out of fashion.

And, Mr Miller, the person I used as an example was you.

I asked the readers to cast their mind back to the summer of 2009.

Interim manager Steve Welsh - with the help of your six goals in 12 matches - had successfully prevented the Pilgrims from dropping out of the UniBond Premier.

But it was time for change in the dug-out and David Newton decided to hire Rob Scott and Paul Hurst.

And despite protestations from the crowd that you should be kept on, they had other ideas.

They let you go, replacing you with Marc Newsham and Spencer Weir-Daley.

I pointed out that, as you dropped down the footballing ladder, Newsham and Weir-Daley banged in 40 goals between them as the Pilgrims earned promotion.

Swiftly you were yesterday’s news.

Being the hero in an average side was nothing compared to being a hero in an excellent treble-winning side... the laurel wreaths were now hanging from the necks of Newsham and Weir-Daley.

How wrong I was. Since you have returned to the Boston United side this season, you have been a breath of fresh air.

Those six goals you scored in pre-season, matched with those two league strikes, have proven that you are more than relevent.

They show you have the ability to take on and beat defenders at this level.

They show you have the willingness to chase down a lost cause and turn it into a chance.

They show you can’t half have a crack from 20 yards out.

They show you rightfully belong alongside the two players who replaced you four years ago.

Back in 2009, you left a boy. Now you return a man - a man with a point to prove. And you’ve proven me wrong.

Mr Miller, I know how much leaving this club the first time hurt you.

Your defence-frustrating, all-action performances on the pitch so far have done nothing but show you are determined that you won’t find yourself surplus to requirement again any time soon.

So here I am eating humble pie.

Feel free, next time you score a goal, to skid on your knees in front of the press box, lift up your shirt and reveal a vest which states: “Duncan Browne is a plonker.”

It would be deserved.

You have been given a second chance at this club.

Now, I just hope you can continue to prove me wrong.