BROWNE ON THE BALL: Seven days which proved that Boston United can be crowned Skrill North champions

Ian Ross.
Ian Ross.
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Can Boston United realistically win the Skrill North title this season?

You bet they can.

In this paper’s pages today, Pilgrims boss Dennis Greene declares that he believes his side are more than capable of going up as champions... and he should know.

As a player he won back-to-back promotions with Wycombe Wanderers.

As a manager he did likewise with St Neots Town.

You could say that the United boss is more than qualified to have his say on which teams have what it takes - the ability, the physicality and the mentality - to finish the long, hard slog of a football season on top of the pile.

And you could also argue that the timing of Greene’s statement is also an intriguing one.

Not just because his side sit comfortably in the division’s top five.

Not just because his team are currently the league’s leading scorers with 27 goals from 13 matches.

But because of the week Boston have just come through unscathed, and in the manner in which they have done it.

The most high-profile issue United have faced this week centres around keeper Ashley Timms.

His ‘attitude’, we are told, saw the number one transfer-listed on Tuesday evening, only for him to be reinstated on Saturday.

Was this was clever mind games from Greene to get his stopper focused?

We can only guess, but it certainly put a previous issue to bed and made Timms concentrate on his game.

After scoring on Saturday, Spencer Weir-Daley tweeted out a picture of his mini-aeroplane celebration, dedicating the goal to his friend Antoin Akpom, a football coach who died last month following a knife attack.

Then there are matters which - in light of Weir-Daley’s tweet - carry much less significance, but can also alter a team’s performance.

This was a Boston side which was left downbeat after letting a 3-0 lead against Harrogate Town slip a week earlier.

Against Altrincham they led 3-1, only for the Robins to net a second.

There must have been a ‘here-we-go-again’ panic in the minds of those in amber and black?

And let’s not forget this was Altrincham at York Street, a side which has easily had the better of Boston (6-1, 7-1, 3-1 and 3-2 anyone?) in recent years.

Plus, captain Ian Ross was also playing through the pain barrier for the club.

Anyone of of those issues above could have created a terrible knock-on effect which could have led to a horrific meltdown on the turf on Saturday afternoon.

But what happened?

The Pilgrims once again put in one of their finest, most exciting, flipping brilliant performances of the campaign to date, dismissing Altrincham 3-2.

If Greene’s prediction is to come true, then United will have many, many more obstacles to overcome between now and the end of the season.

But the issues faced by the club this week were overcome, and with stylish, free-flowing brilliance.

If United are to be up there in April, do not underestimate the significance of what they achieved when up against it over the past seven or so days.

Dennis Greene may not be able to offer £700 per week contracts to players like, I have been told, some clubs in this division can.

But what he has done is put together a side who are proving they have the hearts, the stomachs, the legs and the cojones to do the business.

And those attributes - not money - are so very often how you define a winner.