BROWNE ON THE BALL: The buzz is back at Boston United

Dennis Greene.
Dennis Greene.

There was a certain feeling - something in the air - when walking down to York Street on Monday.

Call it what you will, a buzz, a tingle, butterflies or whatever. But it was there.

Of course, fairer weather, the option of a few Bank Holiday beers and maybe even the chance to glimpse a TOWIE heartthrob will always add to any occasion.

But for the first time in a long time, Boston United found themselves surrounded by a sense of hope and a desire for destiny.

Those walking through the Jakemans Stadium turnstiles were hit by that dual feeling of excitement and dread.

You easily forget just how exhilarating being in a promotion battle can be -until you find yourself there again.

But the buzz of anticipation is equalled by the fear of actually having something to lose.

Yes, there was a certain element of excitement last season following the Easter Monday victory over North Ferriby United, as fans cancelled plans and booked their places on coaches and mini buses for that final day of the season at Worcester City.

But then it was more of a case of hope than expectation.

It wasn’t like that day at home to Grantham in 2000 or the party at Hayes 24 months later where the champions enjoyed their lap of honour.

It wasn’t even like that play-off semi-final against Guiseley four years ago - all of them occasions where the Pilgrims had their destiny in their own hands.

As the Tamworth team bus pulled into the club car park on Monday, Boston United were at the business end of the season and in the recently rare position where the Pilgrims were still looking to trade.

Of course, the Lambs were looking for their own hostile takeover - but their performance was a few pinstripes short of a banker’s suit.

Yet another rock solid defensive display, coupled with bite in midfield and some beautiful flowing movements in attack, saw the Pilgrims move up to fourth spot, four points clear of sixth place following a 2-0 victory.

Dayle Southwell’s brilliant strike would deserve the headlines were it not for the fact that we have come to expect that from him on a weekly basis.

Instead, it was Jake Hall who marked his return in the fashion you normally save for the schmaltziest of movies, not structured reality TV.

You may have seen that photo doing the rounds of Hall celebrating his goal with castmate James Argent leaning over the barriers to pat his pal on the head.

It’s a lovely shot and one that you’ll probably see in coffee-table mags later this month.

But surrounding Hall were his teammates, his manager and his fans - those who have been there through thick and thin this season.

It is they, not a celebrity in the crowd, who have created that buzz and tingle.

And it is those who, together, could well make that promotion dream a reality.

Monday belonged to Jake Hall. Could this season belong to Boston United?