BROWNE ON THE BALL: The things you see in a car park... and at football museums

THE other Saturday I was sitting in a gloomy car park waiting for a man to arrive.

Sounds dodgy, but I can assure you I wasn’t buying, selling and certainly not soliciting.

In fact, I was waiting for a colleague to arrive so we could share the remainder of our journey to cover Boston United’s league match at Bradford Park Avenue.

But while I was killing time I flicked through the Twitter app on my phone when something caught my eye.

Craig Singleton – the Pilgrims press officer – had uploaded a picture of a dishevelled-looking man who appeared to be in his mid-to-late 40s, listening to something or other through some earphones.

On closer inspection, that man was BBC Radio Lincolnshire commentator Scott Dalton (who assures me he isn’t as old as he looks, but the jury’s still out).

He and Craig spent the morning of the Bradford match taking a slight detour to Manchester, where the National Football Museum is based.

And once in there, what was the audio the narcissistic Mr Dalton was listening to? Well, it was himself, of course.

One of the wonderful new touches in this museum is an interactive soundboard.

There you can listen to three soundbyte highlights of all the teams who have competed in the top four tiers of the English game in recent years.

Among the euphoria-enducing commentary is Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s last-gasp winner as Manchester United beat Bayern Munich to lift he Champions League trophy in 1999.

And from last season, Sergio Aguero’s dramatic goal which won Manchester City their first-ever Premier League title also features.

But what about Boston United?
Well, there’s Dalton’s touching (bronze) Sony Award-winning “goodbye Conference, hello Football League”comment as the Pilgrims won promotion at Hayes in 2002.

The other two also come from Dalton’s radio station.

There’s Michael Hortin describing United coming from 2-0 down to amazingly snatch victory at Southport from earlier in the same season.

And from the Football League, there’s the clip of current boss Jason Lee heading home Paul Gascoigne’s free kick as Boston somehow rescued a point against rivals Lincoln City, delivered by the voice of Chris Parkin.

I like the thought of the interactive audio clips. It has the ability to introduce football fans of all ages to some of the most memorable moments in the Pilgrims’ recent history.

Kids stumbling across those three voices would probably never otherwise have known these snapshots - which brought so much joy to sports fans in this neck of the woods – existed.

From those screams, those listening will not learn of the aftermath.

They won’t know about the dual contracts, the court case, the CVA, the relegation, the demotions and all that followed Lee’s header at Sincil Bank.

Some may claim it would be criminal not to mention what happened next.

But I like the snapshots just as they are... so others can feel them as I - and the club’s supporters - did for the very first time.

When those goals went in, nothing else mattered but the euphoria: the cheers, the jumping up and down on the terraces, the spilling of drinks and chips over your mates and strangers.

Memories like that, and great radio like that, deserve to be preserved.

Moments like that make sitting in a car park worthwhile.