BROWNE ON THE BALL: Watching Boston United is like tuning in for a new series of Big Brother

Greg Tempest.
Greg Tempest.
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Watching Boston United over the festive period has been a bit like tuning in for a new series of Big Brother.

Nope, I don’t mean drunken madness, group showers and the occasional fisticuffs (although I’m sure we had at least two-thirds of that at Lowestoft on New Year’s Day).

I’m talking about being introduced to so many fresh faces all at once.

Like week one in the house there are so many new people to get used to, to figure out their strengths and weaknesses and get a feel of what they’re about and trying to achieve.

Only we don’t get the Geordie voiceover guy or the floppy-haired chap off the radio to help us out.

But as this year’s instalment begins to slow down a little after the Christmas specials - those four hectic episodes in the space of 10 days - a sense of normality and near-familiarity is now kicking in.

Yes, Kyle Dixon and Stefan Galinski have been evicted and - as popular members of the show who both brought something very meaningful to the party - the viewers are sad to see them go.

But Big Brother has brought in four exciting new cast members, and so far they’ve fitted in nicely.

We have Nicky from Rotherham, the big shot who waltzed straight in and confidently showed the group he’s an all-round talented guy and one to watch.

Then there’s Alex. As one of the younger members of the group, the Lincoln lad is working hard to fit in and show he’s not just here to make up the numbers.

But as he settles down into the group he could well become a little less brash and show us all the real Alex.

Grant from Gainsborough is the latest contestant to join the house and already appears like he could be the go-to guy, the hard worker who grafts away with the chores nobody else fancies, keeping all those around him happy.

And then there’s the return of Nottingham favourite Greg, a popular former housemate who you can stick anywhere and he’ll happily integrate with those around him without a second thought.

And to keep the excitement levels up, there’s even talk of yet another new face joining us soon.

But until then, the show goes on.

We are halfway through the latest series, and that grand prize remains firmly up for grabs.

These housemates - strengthened by their new arrivals - will have plenty of difficult tasks before them.

But, as always, those who cope best will finish as winners.