BROWNE ON THE BALL: You’ve got to speculate to accumulate

David Newton.
David Newton.

Duncan Browne says Pilgrims chairman David Newton deserves the credit he’s getting from manager Adam Murray...

Three points. Two new strikers. One clear message.

Following Saturday’s 2-0 victory at Worcester City, Adam Murray was very quick to praise the ‘outstanding’ effort put in by his Boston United squad.

He was also happy to give the thumbs up to the impact made by new signings Louis Briscoe and Manu Dieseruvwe.

But the manager was also straight to the point with his gratitude to Pilgrims chairman David Newton for helping the deals to go through.

With Boston hovering above the National League North’s drop zone and what appears to be two very different - but equally important for the club - building jobs looming in the summer, you could hardly berate a chairman for saying there was nothing left in the pot.

Make do, and we’ll see where we are in June, is the message you would fairly expect from many chairmen - especially ones who are attempting to fulfil planning stipulations by building and filling 100 homes, selling commercial floorspece and putting up some swings and slides before thoughts can even turn to the club’s new Quadrant stadium.

But by bringing in Dieseruvwe and Briscoe the message has been clear.

Finishing the season on a high will create a more positive attitude around the club, show potential targets and current players that the Jakemans Stadium is a good place to call home and maybe help those in the squad who will be here next season gain a little more confidence in their teammates.

Yes, a positive finish may also help shift a few more season tickets, and that is undoubtedly an important thought at this stage of the campaign, but it is not the only driving force.

We all know this hasn’t been the best of season’s for Boston United.

It started slowly and has jolted over bump after bump.

It is now a club in transition, with a new manager waiting to fully impose his ways upon the place.

But behind him is a chairman who shares a vision for the future, who knows a little help now may go a long way in the future, rather than a dangerous cash splasher in it for the glory,

So Newton - and vice-chairman Neil Kempster, who doesn’t perhaps get the namechecks he warrants - deserves that thank you from the manager following that vital win in Worcester at the weekend.