Cash dash leaves Greene annoyed

Dennis Greene.
Dennis Greene.

Dennis Greene fears that the a number of footballers will miss out memorable careers because of their desire to make instant cash.

The Pilgrims boss told The Standard that approaches for a number of players have fallen through as soon as budgets are discussed.

“Sometimes you tell a player what you’re offering them and they turn around and tell you they want £150 or £200 more,” he said.

“We haven’t got the biggest budget in the league and sometimes players think about what they can get for themselves straight away instead of in the long run.”

Greene believes thatthis attitude could lead to some players ending their careers with regrets, adding: “They’re thinking about nothing but finances, and so you can’t get some targets.

“They don’t realise it, but unless you’re playing in the National Conference, then you won’t get a better club.”