Clarke returns to Boston after his American dream comes to an end

Shane Clarke
Shane Clarke

SHANE Clarke’s American dream is over - and now he is back at Boston United and aiming to impress his new managers.

The midfielder left York Street earlier this campaign to go on trial with Chicago Fire in the MLS, the USA’s top flight.

However, Clarke didn’t land a contract, and he returned to the Pilgrims’ bench for Saturday’s defeat at Solihull Moors.

“I had the opportunity to go to the USA and try to go pro,” said the former Lincoln City man.

“It’s my dream to go professional again so I had to go for it.

“Things didn’t work out, but it was a good experience.

“But right now my focus is with Boston.”

The lure of the facilities and a different lifestyle means the competition for a trial in the MLS is fierce, with players from all around the world trying their luck.

“The set-up is Premier League standard, but the football is League One standard,” Clarke added.

“Unfortunately, I didn’t do enough to impress the head coach. But I was up against players from the French Premier and English Championship.”

Clarke now returns to Boston, finding himself having to prove himself to yet another management duo.

He has played alongside Lee Canoville this season, but was not with the club during Jason Lee’s spell.

However, he does know the Boston boss after they met on the stag do for the late Richard Butcher, who played alongside Clarke at Lincoln and Lee at Notts County.

“I’ve only ever met him at Richard Butcher’s stag so Jason and his style are new to me.”

So can Jason Lee hold his drink on a night out? “He’s the manager so I wouldn’t like to say,” joked Clarke.