Coaching can Steer Boston United’s Rene into becoming a better player

Rene Steer.
Rene Steer.

Boston United defender Rene Steer is already putting plans in motion for a coaching career for when his playing days are over.

However, the former Arsenal trainee believes that studying for his UEFA B badge has actually helped him become more of a complete player.

Steer, who is set to begin his first full season with the Pilgrims, after joining midway through the last campaign, told The Standard: “I’m currently taking my UEFA B Course, so I’m spending my time concentrating on the coaching.

“I want to get into it as early as possible.

“I love it. I’m always thinking football, football, and when I get on the pitch I can relate more.

“I analyse more than the left back area now, I look all over the pitch.

“It’s helped my game, I feel more confident and like I’m on top of the game more.”

Steer, who has previously worked as a scout for Norwich City, hasn’t set his sights on management in the dizzy heights of the Premier League.

Instead, he hopes to find work with young up-and-coming players.

“I’ll probably try to get into an academy and work my way up. I’d like to be mentoring kids on their progression, I feel like I missed out on a mentor at that age,” he added.

Steer has stiff competition for that left back role this season with both Connor Smythe and Duran Reynolds being utilised in that position in pre-season, but he sees it as nothing more than a challenge which could suit everyone involved.

He added: “I think its a healthy balance. It keeps me on my toes and it keeps them on their toes.

“We can all learn at the same time.”