Could Boston United send Marc Newsham out on loan?

Marc Newsham.
Marc Newsham.

Dennis Greene is considering the option of sending Marc Newsham out on loan.

The striker currently sits in sixth place in Boston United’s all-time scoring charts with 106 goals to his name.

But a knee injury has seen Newsham make just four appearances since March.

The forward is currently undergoing a series of injections which the Pilgrims hope will cure the pain being caused by tendonitis

“He’s one week away probably,” manager Greene said.

“He’s played games here and there, but we’ve just found a new remedy, we think. If that’s the case he can go about his business playing games and keeping fit.”

However, Greene believes that regular match action away from the Jakemans Stadium could see the forward regain his match fitness and return to contention quicker.

He added: “We’re hopeful that if this injection works then the quickest way of getting him back would be to put him out on loan for a month and get four or five games under his belt so he can go straight into contention,” Greene added.

“If we don’t put him out on loan then he’s only getting 30 minutes here and there, then it may be two months before he’s back.”