Drury fury! Manager Graham vows to bring in new signing as his Boston United side don’t have ‘the desire to get a smack in the mouth’

Graham Drury.
Graham Drury.
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Fuming Graham Drury accused his Boston United side of lacking desire and bravery following their 2-1 New Year’s Day defeat at Corby Town.

And he will bring in a new defender this week to toughen things up as he believes the current defence is too soft.

Drury claimed his Pilgrims ‘died’ in the second half, as they let defender Paul Malone rise unmarked to head home a stoppage-time winner for the Steelmen.

Of course, it will hurt Drury to suffer his first defeat since becoming Boston boss, something which will be magnified as it was against his former club.

But what frustrated him more was the manner of the defeat.

“You can have all the football in the world in the middle of the park, and you can push it out to your artists on the wings as much as you want,” Drury said.

“But the key areas are the edge of the 18 yard boxes, and I don’t think we’ve got enough desire to get a smack in the mouth or a hit on the nose.

“The ball’s gone across their box from corners and they seem to have time to clear the ball.

“Nobody’s in there rushing or busting a gut to get their head on it.

“I like to see someone with a bit of claret on their face after trying to get that ball .

“I don’t know if we’ve got that.

Lewis Webb had given Corby a 24th-minute lead after his 20-yard strike was deflected beyond Dan Haystead off the boot of Ben Milnes.

The main concern being the fact the Corby man was allowed to run across the defensive line so freely.

But Boston hit back within two minutes, Spencer Weir-Daley firing home Marc Newsham’s cross, his 50th goal for United.

But just as United had the momentum, the half-time whistle brought a change in fortunes.

“We died in the second half, “ Drury added.

“We had enough chances to win two or three games and we’ve not stuck them away.

“I think we counted seven chances in the first half, the ratio of our chances are not high enough for my liking.”

As well as accusing his forwards of not being clinical enough, Drury also pointed the finger of blame at his defence following Malone’s finish, naming Tom Ward as the man who didn’t pay the goalscorer enough attention.

He said: “We can’t defend in that box when the ball comes in.

“Wardy knows his job and he’s not done it.

“It’s cost us a point.

“Maybe the energy levels in the second half dipped. We tired a little bit with having the extra game, but I don’t think we had the intensity I like.

“We were too direct instead of building it forward.

“I didn’t think we built from the back, we didn’t pass the ball well enough to do that.

“We brought (Mark) Jones on to get hold of the ball, but he didn’t get the ball. I think that’s because the balls to him weren’t good enough.”

Drury also believes that his first defeat as Pilgrims manager will be a learning curve for everyone in the dressing room, adding: “You learn about characters and their mentalities - their strengths and weaknesses.

“I’ve certainly got a picture in my mind of why Boston are where they are.

“I think consistency’s a real key, for individuals and as a team.

“For the last two games we’ve outworked both sides, but in the second half we died.

“You cant legislate for a big centre half like Malone who scores goals, and we’ve given him room today.”

Turning his attention to an unnamed new signing, Drury stated he hoped to have a new centre half at York Street by Sunday at the latest.

“I’m hoping to have one in today, I may have to wait until January 6,” the manager said.

“It’s all lined up.

“The deal was we take him on the sixth as he was on contract and we got him for nothing.

“If everything went well (in their match on New Year’s Day) today, they’ll let him come after today’s game.

“If not, we’ll wait until the sixth.”