FANS’ FORUM: Murray wants signings done and dusted early | Rivals must fear York Street | No fourth officials?

Adam Murray.
Adam Murray.

Adam Murray says he will strike while the iron’s hot - and get the majority of his summer transfer dealings wrapped up long before pre-season begins.

The Boston United manager has close-season targets in mind and wants to get their signatures on contracts before rival clubs can begin a bidding war.

Speaking at last night’s Fans’ Forum, he also gave supporters an insight into his workings as manager, including his thoughts on friendly matches, his long-term plan and non-league officiating.

Here are some of the highlights...


“Pre-season starts on June 24 and I’ll have 99.9% of my players in on that first day.

“Have I got the retained list in my head? Yeah. The majority of it.

“But we’ve got six points to play for yet and we want to finish on a high.

“Recruitment isn’t tough.

“We’re surrounded by good areas to get players from.

“We’ve moved training from Sleaford over towards the M1, which makes it a lot easier for players to get to.

“In terms of recruitment in general, one player we had this season openly admitted he signed for Boston and didn’t know where it was.

“When he got to his first training session his looked at his petrol bill, but hey.”


“You can get carried away with pre-season.

“You can get a big club in, but you don’t touch the ball for 90 minutes.

“It’s fantastic as it pulls a big crowd in, but in terms of preparing your team for going into battle for nine months, it doesn’t do you any good. It just wears you out.

“We’re looking at a range of games we feel will give us realistic challenges.

“Good Conference teams that pose questions we’ll face in the season.

“It’s about making it as tough as possible to find any weaknesses in the team.”


“After my first training sessions I rang the chairman and said ‘we’re in big trouble’.

“It’s not a blame on what went on before, sometimes these cycles happen.

“When I first took over the group there was a lot of technically OK players. Not a lot of grit, not a lot of endeavour, not a lot of pride or passion.

“For me that was why the team was where it was.

“I put a structure in place where we became hard to beat and stopped conceding goals.

“On that foundation you can put everything on top of that.

“For us I think the base is in, we’re just running out of time to put the rest of the cake together.

“That will be pre-season, in terms of how we want to go about things.”


“A lot of work needs to go on in the summer in terms of recruitment in order to bring the team forward, but I don’t want us to be a soft touch.

“When I came to Boston the trip did your head in.

“But you use that to your benefit.

“We need to make this a place where people are beaten before they get off the bus.”


“I haven’t come here to manage in the Conference North.

“I’ve come from the Football League.

“There’s something missing and I truly believe I can find that and get this club back where it should be.”


“My first game at FC United of Manchester, about 25 minutes in.

“I’m quite animated on the touchline and I was ranting and raving and I thought ‘right, someone’s getting it. Someone’s having it’.

“I turned round to destroy the fourth official.

“No-one told me at Conference North you don’t have a fourth official.”