Football club apologises after manager’s slur about Boston

Grant Roberts in action during United's victory over Gainsborough.
Grant Roberts in action during United's victory over Gainsborough.

A football club has apologised after its manager made a slur against the people of Boston.

Gainsborough Trinity boss Steve Housham was reflecting on Boston United’s 1-0 victory over his side on BBC Radio Lincolnshire on Friday night when he said: “The only thing to be scared about from Boston is going out with the same amount of fingers you went in with.”

His remark is believed to have been in reference to suggestions of inbreeding among the town’s population, a derogatory put-down which is often made by sets of supporters to one another during football matches.

The station’s Rob Makepeace apologised for the remark and offered Housham the chance to do likewise.

However, the Blues manager didn’t backtrack on his comment, instead adding: “Dennis (Greene, Boston manager) calls me what he likes, so I’m allowed.”

However, on Sunday Gainsborough Trinity took to their official website to make the following statement: “In light of recent comments made to the media, on this occasion the club wish to make it known that the views expressed are not those of Gainsborough Trinity Football Club as a whole.

“And we unreservedly apologise for any offence caused by those comments.

“Despite an understanding that the manager has a right to reply, we feel it only right to draw a line under this matter and move forward.

“We continue to be committed to developing and growing as a fully inclusive, community club; which together we will be able to do.”

Housham had been reacting to comments made by Greene with regards to the Pilgrims’ 1-0 victory over their Lincolnshire rivals last Monday.

Greene had suggested Trinity lacked ambition in the match and that his side should have won ‘5-0 or 6-0’.

When asked if the post-match fall-out would affect the two managers’ friendship by Makepeace, Housham responded by asking ‘what friendship?’

Speaking after Saturday’s 4-1 victory over Lowestoft, Greene said: “I think that’s hurt him. I don’t think I’ll be on his Christmas card list next year.”