Galactico no-no! Boston United boss Craig Elliott wants a team of grafters, not individual stars

Craig Elliott.
Craig Elliott.

Craig Elliott doesn’t want to build a squad of non-league superstars, because the Boston United boss believes the emphasis should be on the team and not individuals.

Elliott has always been keen to put square pegs in square holes since arriving at the Jakemans Stadium, and he says that approach will continue next season.

Talking about his summer recruitment plans, the Pilgrims boss said: “You can’t have kneejerk reactions and sign players because of reputations, or because they were good players last year.

“What I have learnt going through the leagues, the best players don’t always make the best team.

“You can sign the best 11 players in this league and it doesn’t mean you’ll have success.”

Elliott firmly believes that the right mental attitude from his squad members is the best way to build a solid team that works together for the common goal.

With that in mind he doesn’t want his chain to have any weak links.

“You have to get a feel for the player and what they want to do for the club first and foremost,” he said.

“I need to know what ambition they’ve got. Being at this club, it’s important that the fans can associate themselves to the right characters, who want to come here for the right reasons.

“The biggest thing, the characters and what they bring, is important.

“It’s important you get the chemistry right, and characters who can be handled right.

“Going places in December, being 1-0 down, how do you react to that?

“There’s all sorts of different scenarios in non-league that you’ve got to react to. Will they come training when it’s snowing and things like that?”

Elliott already has a list of targets who, he believes, have the right attributes on an off the pitch.

He said: “I’ve tried to do my homework because, if you get it wrong, it can be hard to make it better as the season goes on.

“It’s so important I get that area right moving forward.

“If I’m being brutally honest, you have to be careful. You can get agents ringing you up and you become inundated with options.

“It’s important you have a cool head and you realise what you want to do and create.

“It’s been more often that I’d like (dealing with agents). It’s a crazy world, it’s non-league football at the end of the day and I do prefer to talk to players. I demand that.”