Hawley at 'boiling point'! Did referee cost Boston United win by adding on extra time for a substitution made before the 90th minute?

Karl Hawley.
Karl Hawley.

Karl Hawley was at ‘boiling point’ after seeing Boston United concede a heartbreaking equaliser in the sixth minute of stoppage time.

The Pilgrims caretaker boss said referee Sam Mulhall refused to explain why he played seven minutes of time added on as they shook hands at the final whistle.

James Ball headed home in the 96th minute, that goal seeing Boston drop from what would have been safety to 21st in the National League North.

The official indicated a minimum of five additional minutes, eventually playing more than seven.

And Hawley said that the official later told club secretary Craig Singleton that a further 30 seconds were added for a substitution, despite the game's final change of the afternoon being made in the 89th minute, before the number of additional minutes were announced.

“I spoke to him walking off the pitch. He knows he’s wrong and just wants to say ‘don’t speak to me now’,” Hawley said.

“What’s happened has happened and it’s not just a one-off. But two-and-a-half added added minutes is is a new one for me.

“I was at boiling point but you can’t let them get to you.

“You can’t control the uncontrollables.

“He said too Craig he’s added 30 seconds on for a sub in added time and we didn’t make a sub. It baffles me.

“If he’s honest and he goes ‘I don’t know I didn't look at my watch’ it would be easier. But he did, I saw him look at his watch and he’s still not blowing.

“I can’t accept it.”

Gregg Smith and Jay Rollins put Boston 2-0 up before Matty Warburton and Ball levelled.

Hawley also praised his players for their battling display.

He said: “I said to the players they couldn’t do any more.

“It’s two-and-a-half minutes after added time, the game should be over.

“The boys are gutted but we’ve got to take that point.”