“He’s a game changer!” Boston United boss Greene left frustrated by referee Michael George’s controversial five-minutes at Lowestoft

Dennis Greene.
Dennis Greene.

Dennis Greene labelled referee Michael George a ‘game changer’ after a bizarre five-minute spell saw Boston United leave Lowestoft Town with just a point.

The Pilgrims were adamant they should have been awarded a penalty in the second half of yesterday’s Vanaram North contest at Love Road after Carl Piergianni’s header struck an opponent.

But after the official signalled for play to continue ugly scenes broke out, with players from both sides becoming embroiled in a mass brawl.

Despite both teams having players guilty of getting involved - and Piergianni protesting he was punched in the face - only Boston’s Rene Steer was sent off, for what the officials deemed a kick on Dean Mason.

And within seconds of play resuming the Pilgrims felt they had salt rubbed into their wounds as George awarded Lowestoft a penalty after Erkan Okay’s strike hit Piergianni’s arm.

From 12 yards out Jack Ainsley netted to cancel out Nicky Walker’s first-half finish for Boston.

“Once again we have a referee that’s a game changer,” Greene said.

“He could give us a penalty. A minute later, exactly the same, identical, he gives them a penalty.

“We’ve had it all year. We’ve had no luck this year.

“We’ve had it at Barrow, we’ve had it here. Once again the ref’s got them a point.

“It’s an absolute stonewall penalty for us and he doesn’t give it. He only gives what he sees, but it’s game changing.”

Turning his attention to the brawl which ended in Steer’s sending off, Greene believes that his side were left with an unfair advatage following an incident which saw both teams guilty of indescretions.

He added: “It’s astonishing that all three officials only saw Rene kick one of their players. And yet what I watched for about a minute was both sets of players all pushing and shoving each other.

“And yet Rene was the only bad boy.

“He could have sent three, four, five, six people off. If raising your hand or shoving someone in the chest is a red card then he could have sent four or five off.

“What he should have done is sent one of theirs and one of ours off.

“But no, all three of them were only watching Rene, obviously.”

Despite his frustration, Greene was quick to condemn the scenes, adding: “I can’t defend what my players have done, but they felt hard done by from what they felt was an absolute stonewall penalty.

“We’ve reacted to it, they’ve reacted to it and before you know it it’s handbags at dawn.

“Too many people have got involved.”