Murray says it takes the right attitude and mindset to become a success at his Boston United

Adam Murray.
Adam Murray.

Adam Murray says that temperament and character are just as important as ability in his Boston United squad.

The Pilgrims boss has the chance to start from scratch and put together a side in his image this summer.

And he says that he would rather have a squad of hard working and ambitious footballers over a team of big time Charlies and prima donnas any day.

When asked whether a focused footballing mind was better than a maverick on the ball, he responded: “It’s more important.

“This actual situation runs parallel with when I took over at Mansfield.

“There was a massive recruitment drive there.

“Large parts of that were done with good people as well as trying to get the best players we can.

“We’re not stupid.

“We know there’ll be people ahead of us in terms of resources and finances.

“But we need good people, because when the so-and-so hits the fan you need to know you can count on people, and you’ve got honest people in there.”

Murray made the calculated move of releasing a handful of squad members before the season had even ended.

He said he did so to give him the chance to focus on the future.

He told The Standard: “It was no message and we definitely weren’t helping them get clubs.

“I just wanted them out of my head.

“It’s been a long few months and a lot of things we’ve seen behind the scenes, you wouldn’t believe.

“It’s a ruthless part of the job, but it needs to be done so we can build for the future.”