“No Quadrant means no Boston United!” Pilgrims chairman David Newton puts forward his case for ‘community asset’

David Newton.
David Newton.

David Newton has once again hammered home the harsh reality that The Quadrant development is Boston United’s only chance of survival.

The Pilgrims chairman addressed supporters at a fans’ forum last night.

“No Quadrant means no Boston United,” Newton told those gathered at a packed Pilgrim Lounge.

“We’re not just doing this for Boston United, we’re doing this for Boston United and the town of Boston.

“We think this is a fantastic development for the whole town.”

The club’s plans to build a new football stadium - supported initially by 500 homes, a sportshall, learning centres and retail outlets - on the outskirts of town has been met with opposition from some residents of Wyberton, who have formed the Quadrant Action Group.

And despite Newton saying the group ‘have every right to voice their opinion’ he firmly believes that the development as a whole will benefit the area... including those in opposition.

He added: “We put in a very, very robust application.

“People are complaining about having a football stadium on their doorstep, but the reality is that the amount of time that football will be played there is in fact very rare.

“What you’ll have for 11 out of 12 months every year is nothing but a community asset which will also create jobs.”

Newton admitted that the club made losses of £130,000 this year. But he believes that the additional income which would be generated by the proposed new site would help the Pilgrims back into the black.

United’s lease on their current York Street site runs out in January 2018.

Boston United Supporters’ Association chairman Glenn Chapman also called for Pilgrims supporters to add their support to the club’s plans by signing and online petition (available to access at the club’s website - www.bufc.co.uk) or writing letters of support to Boston Borough Council

A special planning meeting - where both the football club and Quadrant Action Group will be able to voice their arguments - will be held at Haven High Technology College on August 5.