‘On our way!’ Foundation work begins on United’s new Quadrant stadium

An artist's impression of the Quadrant stadium.
An artist's impression of the Quadrant stadium.

‘We are on our way’ is the message from Boston United chairman David Newton as foundation work on the club’s new stadium has begun.

The £100m Quadrant development will include the football stadium, 500 homes and retail outlets either side of the A16 on the south of the town.

“If you have travelled along the A16 recently you may well have noticed some activity on the site of the new Community Stadium,” Mr Newton wrote in his programme notes this week.

“We have been installing the foul and surface water drainage that will serve the two commercial sites on the side of the A16 and the stadium - and the electricity substation has also been installed on the site.

“We have also commenced initial piling works for the foundations of the main stand.”

The Pilgrims, who currently play on the town centre York Street site, are still attempting to gain additional funding for the project.

“We have not made any formal announcement as we have not yet had confirmation of the final funding that we have been trying to secure, but hope to do so in the next week or so,” Mr Newton added.

“However, we wanted to get started as promised.

“Our preference remains to deliver the whole stadium and sports facilities at the outset, but we also have to be realistic and deliver it in phases if any of the funding stalls or the costs continue to rise significantly.

“The foundation works will continue across the stadium and once we have more certainty about the funding we will update everyone on how we see the construction progressing - but we are on our way.”