Place your bets! Piergianni and Garner have Boston United goalscoring wager

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Carl Piergianni is desperate to get back on the scoresheet for Boston United... and reclaim his £20.

Last season the defender made a bet with fellow centre back Scott Garner over who would score the most goals for the Pilgrims.

And despite holding a 5-4 lead in November, Garner netted four more times to win 8-5 and claim the wager.

“We’ll definitely be pushing in there to try to get some goals,” Piergianni told The Standard.

“There’s no better feeling so we’ll both be up there.

“Me and Garns had a little competition last season to see who could score the most goals, and I’m sure we’ll be doing the same again.

“I was cruising at one point and thought I was going to easily win, but he popped up with a few tap-ins and sneaked it.”

Garner was used as a makeshift target man last season, and seems keen on rebranding himself as a forward for the new campaign, after playing the first four pre-season matches in attack.

“We need to have words. If he’s trying to sneak up front then we’ll need to change the rules,” Piergianni added.

However, Garner remains confident he can win the double or quits bet.

He told The Standard: “I don’t know why, but for some reason he wants to lose his money again.

“If he wants the bet then I’ll take it. I’ll happily take his money off him.”