Quadrant will celebrate history

David Newton.
David Newton.

Boston United may be hoping for a fresh start in a brand new stadium - but David Newton says the club’s history will never be forgotten.

Indeed, the Pilgrims chairman says that the new Quadrant stadium will include plenty of nods to heroes and achievements of the past.

“We would like somewhere within the club to have - museum may not be the right phrase - but an area which brings the history of the club forward,” he told The Standard.

“We want to do this.

“We’ve got nothing tangible at the moment, as we are working out costs at the moment. But once we’ve done that we can start thinking about that.”

United’s successes are something Newton believes can be used to inspire future generations.

“But we don’t want to lose our history,” he added.

“We want to have a place we can take young kids and explain what we used to do, where we used to be and what a big club it was in non-league football.”