‘Shambolic’! Elliott rips into Boston United side following FA Cup exit

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Craig Elliott pulled no punches as his blasted his Boston United squad for their FA Cup exit at the hands of Peterborough Sports.

Shambolic, horrendous, embarrassing and lacking in confidence ands desire. These were just some of the statements used to sum up the Pilgrims’ performance following their defeat to a side two levels lower in the ladder.

Josh Moreman and Josh McCammon netted the vital goals in a first half where the visitors were as ruthless as the hosts were toothless.

“Full credit to them. I will say that first and foremost. It’s a fantastic achievement to come here and play in the manner they did and it was deserved,” Elliott said, offering praise to Sports before turning his attention to his side.

“The two goals were horrendous, individual errors that give you an uphill struggle.

“Then, absolutely shambolic. I’ve been a manager 10-11 years and it’s the worst 45 minutes I’ve ever seen from a team of mine.

“Embarrassing, I can’t really stand up for any of them. It’s one of them occasion where you could make eight or nine subs at half time.”

Sports arrived unbeaten in all competitions this season and exhibited the confidence Elliott says his side are lacking.

“I have been on the other side, managing a team that’s an underdog,” he added.

“Confidence is an amazing thing in football.

“We have got 70-80 per cent of the team playing with no confidence, for whatever reason - whether they’re carrying injuries or lack of form, motivation in some cases.

“You could see that today, individuals playing.”

Elliott also suggested it was time to trim his squad and move on players he felt weren’t pulling their weight at the Jakemans Stadium.

He continued: “I think some people have had a culture shock in terms of playing at this level and not being able to adapt. Doing the ugly side of things.

“If we’d have matched them with that I’m sure we could have matched them today.

“But we didn’t. They walked all over us today because they wanted it more. Some of the players aren’t willing to hurt.

“They are good players on paper, but there’s only so long you can give players.

“The hangers on, who aren’t contributing, need to go.

“You don’t have to be a genius to know certain players aren’t functioning, there don’t have desire levels we can be happy with.

“I’ve said to them ‘go play somewhere you feel more comfortable’. Some of them are hurting the team and we’re carrying them, simple as that.”