Spencer Weir-Daley says Jason Lee is the right man to lead Boston United

Spencer Weir-Daley.
Spencer Weir-Daley.

HOT-shot Spencer Weir-Daley believes Jason Lee has what it takes to become a top manager.

Last season, Lee and joint boss Lee Canoville helped Boston United finish in 11th spot in their first full season at the helm.

But with Canoville leaving, the former Nottingham Forest forward – with assistant Graham Hyde – will go it alone as the manager for the first time.

However, Weir-Daley believes this former teammate can rise to the challenge.

The forward said it was the support from the Pilgrims fans and having Lee in the dug-out that acted as the catalysts in persuading him to sign a new deal.

And backing Lee he said: “He has all aspects you need to be a good manager.

“He’s very serious, because he wants to do well in the game.

“But he knows how to have a joke as well.

“Because of that, and what he has achieved in the game, he gains a lot of respect.”

Weir-Daley says that Lee offers the perfect balance, the air of a leader and also the ability to lighten the mood during tougher times.

Too much of one and not enough of the other is, the striker claims, a bad thing.

He told The Standard: “He has the right balance.

“Players don’t want it to be serious all the time, but they don’t respond well to someone who’s just a joker.

“You can’t look up to someone who tries to be your friend all the time.”

Weir-Daley played alongside Lee at both Notts County and Boston United and admits his new gaffer always had that air of authority in the dressing room.

However, he says that although Lee can intimidate opponents of the pitch, he still has the ability to relate to younger players in his care, such as they youth teamers and reserve players he is bringing through the ranks.

“In the dressing room he can get the boys up for it because he can relate to all people,” Weir-Daley added.

“Some managers have an age group they can’t relate to.

“But he’s always been able to mix in with you whether you’re 18 or 38.”

Weir-Daley is one of four strikers already vying for a place in the Pilgrims starting line-up.

Last season’s leading scorer Marc Newsham and Ben Fairclough have penned deals. Mark Jones has also joined.