“There’s a blend we need to address!” Paul Holden gives his take on Boston United’s squad

Paul Holden.
Paul Holden.

Assistant boss Paul Holden believes there is plenty of room for improvement at Boston United.

Graham Drury’s number two watched his first live Pilgrims match as United beat Colwyn Bay last Saturday, after being sidelined due to a heart attack he suffered on Christmas Day.

But after keeping in regular contact with Drury, as well as watching online highlights packages, the former Crystal Palace academy director believes United can get better.

“There’s a blend of players in the team which needs to be addressed,” said Holden, who first came out with the phrase about Boston needing a mixture of ‘soldiers and artists’.

“Hopefully, we can do that with this squad.

“Graham’s given it a bit of time now but the evidence is there clearly in front of us, and we need to deal with that as we see fit.”