“There’s three or four who need somewhere else to play!” Elliott wants to make Boston United changes before the season begins

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Frustrated Craig Elliott has threatened to release a handful of Boston United players before the season has even begun.

The Pilgrims boss says his gut feeling is that a number of his squad aren’t putting in the hard yards he expected when assembling his new-look team this summer.

“It confirms what my gut’s been saying for the last couple of weeks, that we need to change a few things,” he said following tonight’s 4-1 defeat to Lincoln City.

“I’ve said there’s things need to change, I’m not happy with certain players.

“Some have come in and I’ve expected more and they’ve not given me more.

“You’ve got to go with your gut, there’s no point waiting until September to make those decisions, they’ve got to be made now.”

Elliott is adamant that there is no time to waste as the National League North season kicks off on August 4, suggesting some players are already half way out the door.

However, the Pilgrims boss says that doesn’t mean there will be a series of new signings.

“There’s three or four players who need somewhere else to play as they’re not for me at the minute,” he added.

“I’m not sure, in terms of coming in, but when your gut’s saying there’s certain players not up to standard then it’s better off they play elsewhere.

“I don’t want to mess any players about, so it’s got to be done.

“It’s not good enough, I’ve seen it in training and the last couple of friendlies.

“As a manager you have to act on that, I’d be foolish to bury my head in the sand.

“It’s not luck, football. It’s about hard work, combinations and chemistry and at the minute there’s just certain bits I’m not happy at all with.”

“One of my strength’s is my instinct and it’s not often wrong. It’s telling me some are way off. I know it’s not right so I need to sort it.”

However, Elliott was quick to point out it’s not all doom and gloom at the Jakemans Stadium.

He said: “You can flip it, there’s a lot of good players and positives.

“I’m 60 per cent happy, but there’s a good 40 per cent where I’m not.”