“Things like that shouldn’t happen!” Boston United boss Greene slams racial abuse as fan is alleged to have used derogatory comment towards Worcester City player

Dennis Greene.
Dennis Greene.

Boston United are investigating an alleged racial abuse incident which is believed to have occurred during this afternoon’s match.

Midway through the second half of the Pilgrims’ 1-1 draw with Worcester City, referee Rob Massey-Ellis stopped the game to speak to both managers and a steward in the Jakemans Stadium crowd.

It has been alleged that a fan stood along the Spayne Road stand - which is used by home supporters - made comments of a racial nature towards a Blues player.

After the match, United officials and police were viewing CCTV footage.

A United spokesperson said: “The club are aware of an incident and are investigating.”

A fan stood nearby told The Standard that he heard racial abuse used by a fan during the game, understood to be directed at defender Wayne Thomas.

Although the incident is only an allegation at present, Boston manager Dennis Greene was quick to point out any form of racial abuse was unwelcome in the game.

He said: “Apparently, one of our supporters had racially abused Thomas.

“Hopefully, the people responsible get found out and aren’t allowed back in the ground.

“It’s unacceptable. We’ve moved on, it isn’t the 80s and things like that shouldn’t happen.”