United boss Elliott ready to play hardball

Craig Elliott.
Craig Elliott.

As Boston United continue their player recruitment, Craig Elliott says it is his turn to play hard ball.

For the first few weeks of the summer the manager found transfer targets playing hard to get.

But as deals fail to materialise, Elliott believes the ball is now firmly in his court.

“The next few weeks are about agents and players trying to get fixed up with clubs, the dynamics change,” he told The Standard.

“Suddenly players who thought they’d got a move somewhere else realise you made them a decent offer and they start calling you, instead of the other way round.”

Elliott, however, is adamant that he won’t start throwing contracts around just because players have begun returning his calls.

“I don’t want to be forced into a kneejerk reaction just because someone tells me they’re available now,” he added.

“If somebody didn’t want to come here two or three weeks ago then I’m not that interested in them, to be honest.

“I want players who want to play for Boston, not somebody who calls because they’ve not got what they wanted.”

Elliott was also impressed with some of the talent on display when he recently attended the V9 Academy, England striker Jamie Vardy’s set up which aims to help promising non-league players climb the footballing ladderget pro deals.

“There was a lot of good players to honest,” he said.

“But the thing is the academy brings in a lot of interest and there are clubs there from League Two and the National League, so you’re fighting with them really.

“But it was a good experience and there are a few players I’ve got my eye on.”