“We can see light at the end of the tunnel!” Vice-chairman Neil Kempster has ‘absolute belief’ Boston United will deliver their new stadium

Neil Kempster. EMN-140313-140335001
Neil Kempster. EMN-140313-140335001

Boston United vice-chairman Neil Kempster has ‘absoute belief’ that the club will deliver their new stadium.

Speaking at last night’s Fans’s Forum, it was announced that work is set to begin on the ground, located on the Quadrant development.

“The aim initially was to save the club, but also to put it on a proper footing on the community side,” said Mr Kempster, who joined chairman David Newton in saving the club from liquidation in 2007.

“But ultimately, putting it in a new home with a sustainable future.

“That’s what we set out to do 12 years ago, and that is what we’re going to do.

“David said we’re trying to magic up a brand new stadium - we thought would cost £8.5 million which is now £11.6 million - from thin air.

“We’re trying to give that as an asset to the community and a new home to Boston United and its Community Foundation to hopefully flourish and grow.”

Mr Kempster, the land and development director at Mr Newton’s Chestnut Homes company, admitted that delivering the stadium has felt like ‘walking through treacle’ since plans were initially announced in 2013.

Since then funding pledges have fallen through and construction costs have risen.

“At times it feels like we’re never going to get there, but we’ve always had a belief we’re doing the right thing,” Mr Kempster added.

“There have been a lot of setbacks on the way. But if we look at the journey we started on, we’re a hell of a long way down the road.

“We can see the light at the end of the tunnel and it sometimes doesn’t feel like it. But David and I, we live and breathe it, quite literally.

“We have an absolute belief we’re going to deliver the stadium, and we will.

“I don’t get very excited about many things, but the day we open the stadium will be a very exciting moment for me. It will be a massive moment for Boston United.”