“We offered to send mini buses!” Murray frustrated as Boston United v Spennymoor postponed an hour before kick off

Adam Murray.
Adam Murray.

Adam Murray was left frustrated after Boston United’s scheduled match against Spennymoor Town was postponed an hour before kick off - because the away side’s bus had broken down.

The Moors’ coach is understood to have come to a halt near Doncaster around midday.

But despite the Pilgrims offering to send transport to pick up the opposition, the match will be rescheduled for a later date.

“It’s very frustrating. Very frustrating,” Murray said.

“I understand the break down of the bus is genuine, but from my point of view there are a lot of ways that it could have been got around.

“It was about 12pm, I think (that the bus broke down).

“We offered to send a couple of mini buses to pick them up and, obviously, they’ve got the supporters’ coach.

“If they were getting another coach in to fix the broken one then I don’t see why the players couldn’t jump on the supporters’ coach and the supporters wait.

“It’s been a frustrating day, but we’ll train and focus.

“We stay in a positive frame of mind and our focus moves on to Tamworth.”

The postponement means that Gregg Smith’s three-match ban is yet to start and he will now sit out the away contest at FC United, as well as the trip to Tamworth and home contest against Chorley.

Boston and Spennymoor now look set to meet on a Tuesday night.

Murray added: “If the bus is ok next time then they’ll have to come here on a Tuesday night.

“From that point it benefits us.

“But from what I read this morning, they had a couple of players take fitness tests this morning and they may be fit for the next game.

“I feel sorry for the fans. I was really looking forward to today with the backing we got on Tuesday and being back at home again.

“It is what it is and we’ll get outr frustration out on the pitch.”

United’s squad will now spend this afternoon training.