We’re giving points away! Murray frustrated by Boston United’s defeat at FCUM, but questions refereeing decisions

Adam Murray.
Adam Murray.

Adam Murray has ordered his Boston United side to cut out the errors - claiming ‘we’re handing points over’.

The Pilgrims ended today’s 2-1 defeat at FC United with nine men following red cards for Gregg Smith and Brad McGowan.

But before those two decisions, Boston were already trailing to Nathan Lowe’s penalty and Connor McCarthy’s strike.

Adam Chapman pulled one back at the death, but it was too little too late.

“The players have got to stand up. The players have to give our fans, you saw how fantastic they were today again, something to cheer about,” Murray said.

“The decision making, we’re actually handing points over to teams. They’re not even taking them off us, we’re giving them away.

“I’ve never witnessed anything like it. To have the amount of decisions made by our own players and officials.

“If I was to say better teams were beating us, that’d be easier for me to accept. But we’re beating ourselves.”

Referee Leigh Doughty pointed to the spot with less than 10 minutes gone as Lowe was grounded after challenging for the ball with McGowan.

Goal number two came from another route one ball which, again, the away side failed to cope with.

“Two long balls down the pitch and we don’t defend them,” Murray said. “The defending in the first half was embarrassing.

“That’s the route and problem, it’s fine lines to where we are and can be.

“I don’t think the first one’s a penalty. The first one, it’s one ball. You can put all the planning in, but if people don’t want to head it that’s their decision.”

Murray agreed that Smith - back from a three game suspension - deserved his straight red for a lunge on Scott Kay, but felt that McGowan was unfairly dismissed for his foul on Jason Gilchrist as he attempted to get into a shooting position.

The manager added: “I think Gregg’s is a red. It’s reckless.

“It’s let us down as, at half time, we knew we’d get something from the game if we got the next goal. That’s killed us.

“The second one wasn’t a red card. He’s got bodies around him and the lad’s not even got control of the football.”