‘We were happy to play it!’ Boston United boss Murray frustrated by late Chorley postponement

Adam Murray.
Adam Murray.

Adam Murray was left frustrated by Boston United’s late postponement yesterday.

The National League North contest against Chorley did not go ahead due to some frozen patches of turf along the Spayne Road side of the Jakemans Stadium.

Referee Richard Wild consulted both managers before making his decision, which meant an agonising wait for the Boston contingent as the Magpies’ team coach didn’t arrive at the ground until an hour before kick off.

And Murray also suggested that it was Chorley manager Matt Jansen who wasn’t keen on the match going ahead.

He said: “I think the most disappointing thing was that it wasn’t a disappointing decision from the referee.

“The referee was here at 1.10pm and the decision wasn’t made until 2.10pm.

“He was waiting for Chorley to get here and I think Matt made the decision.

“We were happy to play it.

“We were down to the bare bones with 13 senior players but happy to play it. They weren’t happy to play it.

“That’s how they came to the decision.”

The pitch was checked and given the thumbs up by a local referee at 10am.

But with the sun being unable to get to parts of the ground by the Spayne Road terrace, the tougher patches of turf failed to thaw out.

Chorley boss Jansen said: “We come a long way, and the fans as well, to find out the pitch is unplayable.

“The decision, for me, should have been played at 9am, 10am this morning.

“It wasn’t too bad when you had your trainers on, but we put out boots on and it was treacherous.

“It was the right decision not to play it.”

The match will be played at a later date yet to be re-arranged.