“We were shocking”! Gareth Jelleyman says defeat at Vauxhall Motors was worst Boston United performance he has ever seen

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Boston United captain Gareth Jelleyman described Saturday’s performance at Vauxhall Motors as the worse he’d ever seen at the club.

The defender also accused the squad of feeling sorry for themselves following the midweek sacking of manager Jason Lee.

“I don’t think I’ve ever been so disappointed after a game,” Jelleyman said following the 4-0 thumping.

“The first half was shocking,

“It lacked everything and I don’t think I’ve ever witnessed anything like that when I’ve been here.

“We had a few words in the dressing room at half time and we showed a lot better attitude in the second half.”

Jelleyman - in his third spell with United - also agreed that the side were feeling sorry for themselves in the wake of Lee’s dismissal.

When the question was put to him he replied: “I think so.

“I’ve never seen it be as bad as that.

“It looked like we had the weight of the world on our shoulders.

“You have to get things out your head and get on and perform on a match day.”