Why laid-back Lee will never be a Steve Evans-type

JASON Lee has said he will never be a Steve Evans-type manager in the dug-out.

On the pitch, the 6ft 4ins Boston United manager is famed for his combative and overly-aggressive approach.

However, his laid back demeanour in his technical area has raised a few eyebrows from some fans.

But Lee believes his Jekyll and Hyde approach can bring out the best in his young charges.

He said: “I’ve had 10-plus years working with younger players. I understand the psyche of kids and I know screaming and shouting at kids can go one way or the other.

“They can get confrontational or they can lose respect for you.”

During his playing years at Boston United, Lee has seen himself take orders from Evans and Rob Scott, two forceful managers who are the antidote to his chilled out approach.

One story, dating back to October 2004 tells of a dressing room bust-up between Evans and Lee. Following a 2-1 defeat at Southend United, it has been stated that Evans angrily blamed Lee for the loss, only for the giant striker to stand up and give his opinion back.

Although Lee has never clarified the story, many teammates in the dressing room that day have laughed as they recollected the Scotsman hastily backtracking on his comments.

But these are the type of confrontations Lee believes should be saved for opposing players.

Indeed, new assistant manager Graham Hyde says he got to know Lee by ‘running into his elbows a few times’ as they did battle as opponents.

He prefers a harmonious team spirit and a full-blooded approach to the other side.

Lee continued: “When I played I was wholehearted and overly aggressive.

“If I feel players can run through brick walls I’ll tell them to run through brick walls.

“If you see me play there’s passion - but standing on the sides screaming at players isn’t always the best.

“It doesn’t help someone if you hit them with all these orders when they’re trying to do a job. “They’re not on remote control. You have to try to be constructive or they’ll just switch off.”