Community group’s football practice cancelled as pitches damaged by ‘joy riders’

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‘Opportunist joy riders’ have forced a town football group to cancel their training this week after joy riding across a pitch at Boston Town Football Club.

Club chairman Mick Vines believes a gate to the car park on Tattershall Road, which is usually locked during the quieter periods later in the day, had been left unlocked on Sunday.

He said: “Some opportunist driver has obviously seen the gate was open and set out onto the training pitch to do some wheelies and donuts etc.”

Mick explained that the club previously had similar issues, but, had not experienced it since Boston Borough Council had allowed them to lock the gate, which it shares with a local allotment association, during the afternoon in the winter months and from 6pm during the summer.

The damage, discovered yesterday morning, seems to have been kept mainly to the training pitch, with a telegraph pole moved and some further damage to the corner of another pitch.

Mick said the damage was ‘thankfully not too major’ as the grass ‘will grow’.

However, it has meant that the Pick Up Football Group in Boston has been forced to cancel this Wednesday’s training session.

It is only their second week back on the pitch following the winter break.

Jay Lloyd, from the group, said: “Yes we have only been back two weeks from the winter break and are dismayed to find out that some individuals thought it was a good idea to joy ride over the pitches and for us now to lose a week maybe more of our clubs games.

“I’m appalled at this behaviour and hope those responsible are caught and punished.”

The incident comes as the group, which now has more than 200 members, is close to achieving their goal of getting floodlights for the outside pitches, which it is hoped will enable the teams to play later into the evening if needed.

Western Power looks set to install the lights within the next few weeks.

Officials are now waiting for the weather to dry up so that the pitch can grow back and be repaired.

The incident has not been reported to police.