Lakin pragmatic after Boston Town match is called off at half time

Lorand Borbelly (left) put Town ahead
Lorand Borbelly (left) put Town ahead

BOSTON Town boss Martyn Lakin says he has no complaints that Saturday’s UCL Premier League mkatch against Raunds Town was called off at half-time, despite the Poachers leading 1-0.

Lorand Borbelly had headed home a Craig Parker cross to give Town an interbal lead.

But with heavy rain leaving standing water on the pitchy, the match was postponed after just 45 minutes.

In hindsight, Lakin says he has no arguments with the decision.

“I was disappointed at the time. But after a while you realise that the pitch wasn’t safe to play on.

“I would have been more upset if one of our players had been injured and out for the next few weeks.”