More to come from Boston United - Ainge

Simon Ainge.
Simon Ainge.

Boston United have room to improve upon their start to the season, according to Simon Ainge.

The Pilgrims’ 3-0 defeat at Gateshead has taken the gloss off a strong start to the campaign, which the defender previously described as ‘positive’.

“We’ve drawn a few games we’ve dominated and should’ve won, but we’ve got points from them and come off really disappointed,” he pointed out.

“Had we turned a couple of them into wins we’d be right up there.”

Ainge believes United still have more to offer, and can build upon firm early foundations.

“It’s been solid and we can get better, all over, still,” he added.

“I think we’re getting quite a bit of continuity now, the team’s been quite similar, maybe the wingers changing a bit.

“That does take time. The midfield are forming partnerships now, and the full backs with wingers.

“I feel we’re a strong team all over.”