Gold rush for Boston kickboxers

Evolution fighters at Bristol.
Evolution fighters at Bristol.

Kickboxers from Evolution Martial Arts travelled to compete in the Bristol Open International Championships.

The two-day tournament saw 91 clubs from 16 nations, including Europe and North America compete.

Saturday saw the light continuous, grand champion and tag teams categories, where six Evolution fighters took to the mats.

Nesta Baxter, 18, was first out in one of the opening categories of the day, the girls’ junior -60kg light continuous.

Nesta came up against some tough opponents but took control of all her fights with some outstanding peformances, coming away with the first gold of the day for the Boston-based team.

Chelsea Leggatt, 18, saw action in the girls’ junior +60kg, claiming bronze.

Six-year-old Theo Magalhaes took part bin the pee wee -28kg section.

He showed some great fighting, taking runner-up place after some hard work.

Mackenzie Warrant, 12, finished fifth in the boys’ -42kg.

Talon Chambers, 12, competed in the +47kg section, with some very tough opponents .

However, Talon took gold after some fantastic fights against some top-class international and British competitors.

Nesta returned to the mats once agin in the ladies’ -60kg, where she won against international senior fighters from Ireland and Italy.

In the final she came up against the current senior full contact European champion, finishing with silver.

Seventeen-year-old Jake Peppercorn competed in the +79kg category and fought well to add silver to the team haul.

Nesta and Chelsea also took part in the girls’ junior tag teams.

Some absolutely outstanding fighting saw them claim gold, beating some top class teams along their way to victory.

Day two was point fighting, where John Chambers competed in the veteran category, Chelsea Leggatt competed in the girls’ juniors and also in the ladies’ +60kg and +70kg categories.

Riley Brocklesby, 11, competed in the -47kg, Zac Baldry, 15, in the -57kg and Mackenzie Warrant, 12, in the -42kg.

Theo took part in the pee wee +20kg section, earning gold and highlighting how far he has come on in the short space of time that he has been fighting and training.

Jake added gold in the junior men, and Talon added another first place.

The Evolution team ended the tournament 10th in the medal table out of 91 clubs.