Graves Park hail the magnificent seven


Graves Park CC’s magnificent seven did the business at Long Sutton on Saturday - claiming a 30-run victory.

With only 10 on the team sheet on Friday night, The Parkmen were reduced to seven available players when some unfortunate events meant that three players dropped out on the morning of the game.

With it too late to concede the game without incurring penalties, the group made their way to Long Sutton for what turned out to be one of the best games in the club’s history.

After losing the toss, Graves Park CC were asked to bat and, with a makeshift opening partnership of Martin Hodgson and James Luto, they started to make progress.

The innings started slowly with singles and twos being taken, but after a few overs boundaries started to flow.

Luto was first to go for nine, followed quickly by Joe Gilbert (0).

Hodgson continued with some flourishing strokes but was finally caught and bowled for a well-made 45.

Steve Clements and Braydon Wyeth carried on the innings well with regular boundaries, taking advantage of anything short and wide.

Wyeth was excellently caught at short cover and Clements eventually bowled for a determined 35.

This left the innings in the hands of Lewis Skinner and Chris Hall.

Skinner played well for a best of 12 not out, including a sweetly-timed square cut to the boundary.

Chris batted valiantly, but was eventually bowled to bring a close to the innings on 124-6.

With only seven men, fielding was going to be tough going on one of the hottest days of the year, but Joe Gilbert got to work, taking the first wicket in the third over, clipping the top of off with a brute of a delivery.

With seam at one end and spin at the other, wickets began to fall.

In his first spell of seven overs, Gilbert picked up three wicket.

Meanwhile Hodgson bowled his full 12 overs and picked up 4-40 with the help of some impressive fielding and catching from the limited fielders.

Steve Clements replaced Gilbert when it was clear the young bowler needed to regain some energy.

Clements got to work and tied up the batsmen, often working with a 5/0 offside field.

He picked up one wicket for his troubles.

Gilbert came back into the attack replacing Hodgson and soon cleaned up the tail, finishing with 5-26.

The umpire raising the finger to signal a memorable win for the Parkmen.