Help to fulfil your sports ambitions

The latest local sports news.
The latest local sports news.

A sports bursary is looking for promising youngsters it could help to achieve their sporting goals.

The Leg-Up Club have launched their annual search for sporting talent from the Boston area, and will again stump up funds to help one or more athlete edge closer to fulfilling their potential.

The group meet annually to offer a sum in the region of £2,000 to a sports cause - sometimes an individual, on other occasions more than one person - they feel could do with an additional boost.

Whether it is equipment, kit, perhaps a place on a coaching course or help with accommodation at an upcoming event, the Leg-Up Club would hear why you think they could help you.

Previous recipients have been kickboxer Nesta Baxter, tennis ace Marcus Witt, karate kid Adriana Peiseniece, modern pentathlete Will Swain, swimmer Connor Boyfield, clay target shooter Marcus Horry and archer Amy Gott.

The Leg-Up Club are a group of friends keen to help promote sporting talents in the area, but who also wish to remain anonymous.

It is their intention that the cash will help make a difference to one or more sportsperson - who believes that the financial injection can help them take their ambitions to another level.

The Leg-Up Club come from a mixture of different sporting backgrounds.

They also remain open-minded as to which sport they are looking to support.

For a chance to be the recipient of the busary, you are asked to get in contact and explain why you feel you should receive a leg-up in your chosen field.

To put yourself forward, or to nominate a sporting talent, email, outlining details about the individual, their sporting discipline, age, and what the money would be put towards.

The closing date for entries is January 4.