It’s official! Boston Kuk Sool Won school among Europe’s elite

Boston Kuk Sool Won students show off their medals.
Boston Kuk Sool Won students show off their medals.

Kuk Sool Won Boston attended the European championships in Norwich - and returned ranked the sixth-best in the continent.

This was the biggest Kuk Sool Won tournament ever held in Europe with nearly 1,200 competitors taking part over two days at the University of East Anglia.

Teams from all over Europe were present afor the Korean martial art’s Diamond Anniversary.

The Boston school took around 50 students from white belt up to 4th degree black belt.

In overall school placement, Boston came sixth in Europe with the school being presented a special 60th anniversary sword for their achievement.

Tournament results: Ben Smith (gold forms, silver techniques); Kian Imeraj (gold forms, gold techniques); Leighton Imeraj (gold forms, gold techniques); Arsh Bhagat (bronze forms, bronze techniques, gold sparring); Finley Bostock (copper forms); Abbie Smith (bronze forms, bronze techniques); Connor Smith (gold forms, silver techniques); George Kirbey (copper forms, copper techniques, gold sparring); Okasha Dar (gold sparring); Abigail Dunmore (copper sparring); Jacob Goddard (silver sparring); Jersey Elkins (bronze forms, silver sparring); Zak Hudson (copper forms); Tayo Bridges (copper forms, copper techniques); Craig James (copper forms, gold sparring); Oliver James (copper forms); Harry Stevens (bronze techniques); Charlie Stevens (copper techniques); Summer Bryan (bronze forms); Finley Bryan (copper sparring); Edan Bryan (copper forms, bronze techniques, silver sparring, bronze staff); Karolis Salarskas (gold sparring); Sarah Scuffham (copper forms); Zara Saeed (silver forms, copper techniques); Jessica Dickson (silver forms, copper techniques); Ruby Dickson (copper forms); Carl Richmond (silver forms); Riya Rambini (silver forms, silver techniques); Ann Thomas (copper techniques); Aaron Thomas (copper forms); Drew Taylor (copper sparring); Keegan Wright (silver forms, bronze techniques, silver sparring); Gary Wright (silver forms, copper techniques, gold sparring, silver staff); Paul Carter (silver forms, bronze techniques); Bradon McNulty (silver techniques); Lex Groves (silver staff); Torsten Groves (silver staff); Isabel Groves (copper techniques, bronze staff); Rodrigo Quevedo (gold forms); Shayla Johnson (silver forms, silver techniques); Alice Katugampola (copper silver); Mark White (gold forms, bronze techniques, bronze staff); Bradley White (gold forms, silver techniques); Arjan Boyall (silver spear).